Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week Six Prompt:

I have come up with an innovative way to promote romance books in the library. It is a little bit risque, but hear me out... a Fifty Shades of Grey display! This would be a great time to do one because the second movie was just released and everyone is excited about it again. But this would not be just any run of the mill, throw books on a table display. For this display, I plan on taking over one of the study rooms, blacking out the windows, and decorating it completely in red, like the "Red Room of Pain."  Inside would be books that are recommended if you enjoyed Fifty Shades. Maybe "sexy" music or the soundtrack would be playing. I initially thought that you should show your card to enter the room, but that might discourage nervous patrons. So instead, I think there would be signs outside the door stating that you should be 18 to enter, enter at your own risk, etc. There wouldn't really be anything overtly inappropriate in the room, but the mystery of what is inside would be intriguing to patrons and maybe they'll check out a book or two.


  1. Melissa,

    The secret room idea is intriguing. I know that it would not fly where I work :( because some people are very conservative. However, it may work at other libraries.

    What I like most about your idea is the secretive nature of it. Your idea teases people to ask questions like: Is it erotic? Is it dangerous? What captivating things are behind that closed door?

    I believe that if you can capture a person’s sense of mystery and wonder they become interested in knowing more.

    Thanks for sharing your idea.


  2. Melissa,

    I really love this idea! I agree with Robert, it would definitely anger some more conservative patrons, but I like the idea of a sign that says 18+. Usually I would think that restricting access to a certain age group in a library is not a good idea, but I think for this, it's obvious why, and parents would be happier knowing that their kids couldn't just wander in. Neat idea!

  3. I made an erotica display in a corner window way back in the adult section and it was A HIT! I could not keep it stocked! It was far enough away from the kids section that I wasn't worried about them wandering and I think patrons were excited about not having to ask where books like that were, since it could be embarrassing. A little on the short side, but full points!

  4. Great way to think outside of the box! I think it would be very successful.