Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week Seven Prompt:

I decided to write my prompt on celebrity inspired book clubs. The article this week discussed Oprah's Book Club and the impact it had on the books she selected. Almost all of them became bestsellers and stayed on the bestseller's list for dozens of weeks. The study mostly looked at the statistics and did not delve into why this happens or give an opinion on whether it is a good or a bad thing. It is obviously a good thing for the authors of these sometimes obscure books to get recognition and sell millions of copies. Many of books were published years before they were picked for the book club.
While many feel that Oprah's books shouldn't be given so much credit and that there are other books out there that are possibly better, I just think that it's great that people are reading. I don't necessarily care what they are reading. Getting people to open up a book is hard enough; hopefully reading one of her recommended books will lead them to more books. I have personally read several of the books on Oprah's Book Club list such as Sula, White Oleander, She's Come Undone, and The Pillars of the Earth. I loved each one of these and thought they were well written and powerful stories. Just because Oprah is suggesting them doesn't mean they aren't exceptional works.


  1. Yeah, I feel conflicted about celebrity book clubs. It gives books a lot of attention, and anything I have ever read from Oprah's book club I have enjoyed. The amount of attention could also be used to correct potential problems, like the James Frey controversy.

    I also remember the controversy over Jonathan Franzen's comments about Oprah's book club. The gist of which was that he publicly said if she chose The Corrections for her book club that it would dissuade certain readers from reading it, namely, men. Now, presumably Franzen, who comes across as pompous, believes he writes Very Important Books that common Oprah viewers wouldn't understand, but he has a bit of a point. Some readers may be turned off by a celebrity endorsement of a book because they dislike the celebrity.