Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 7: Science Fiction Annotation

Sleeping Giants
By Sylvain Neuvel 

Publication Date: April 26, 2016

Number of Pages: 304 pages

Geographical Setting: North America

Time Period: Current

Series: Themis Files

Plot Summary: When young Rose Franklin accidentally falls into a great pit in South Dakota, she stumbles upon what scientists determine is a giant metal hand. Years later, she is a scientist herself working on discovering the other pieces of the giant metal body that are buried hundreds of miles below the ground all over the globe. With a team of other scientists and military personnel, they try to determine where this body came from, why it was put in the earth, and what it is capable of. Told almost entirely through interviews and journal entries, this science fiction novel is a fast read that will leave the reader wanting to know what will happen next.

Subject Headings:       Giants -- Fiction.        
                                    Robots -- Fiction.        
                                    Women physicists -- Fiction.  
3 appeal terms that best describe this book: Unconventional, Fast-paced, Thought-provoking

Similar Authors and Works:
 3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors
  • The Martian- Andy Weir
    While not about alien artifacts, this novel features a lot of scientific references that fans of Sleeping Giants will appreciate.
  • Sphere- Michael Crichton 
    Both of these books are about the discovery of alien artifacts with a heavy amount of science. 
  • Blindsight- Peter Watts
    This book also includes a team of researchers; they are sent to discover an alien transmission on a distant comet.
3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors
  • Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future- Martin Ford
    This book discusses how technological advances will eventually lead to artificial intelligence that will take over our jobs and lives. 
  • The Second Machine Age- Erik Brynjolfsson
    With the advancement of technology, this book discusses how we can stay ahead of the game when it comes to education, jobs, and corporations. 
  • Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future - Ashlee Vance
    This is an autobiography of an innovator, entrepreneur, and inventor. 


  1. Hi Melissa,

    I’ve been hearing about this book recently and your annotation put me over the edge to add it to my ever growing to read soon list. The plot almost reminds me of a story with a sort of Lovecraft vibe? I’m not sure if you are a fan of Lovecraft, but if you are, is this an accurate feeling I’m getting? Plus, I love when stories are told through written correspondence. I feel it adds to the overall tone, feel, and makes the story even more atmospheric.

    1. Sorry, I'm not really a fan of Lovecraft. It does have that kind of vibe with otherworldly creatures, however, it does not have the kind of detailed writing you would find in Lovecraft stories. You're right, the written correspondence and interview style is perfect for this book because most of the characters are in the military and it reflects that communication style.

  2. Melissa, this sounds like a good read. I like the use of your apeal term "thought-provoking". I like when you finish a book and you still react to it days later. I have to agree with Jonathan about the written correspondence. It makes you feel more of the story.

  3. Hi Melissa, That sounds like a really good book. Do you find out what the giant metal body is in this book or in a sequel? I like that the time period is current instead of the future. So many science fiction books are in the future.

    1. Unfortunately, you do not find out exactly what the metal body is, though there are many theories. You actually end up with a whole new set of questions by the end of the first book. The sequel, Waking God, comes out in April! I already have it requested.

  4. I have been meaning to red this book! Excellent annotation, very well written. Full points!